How Politicians Can Benefit From Having A Dog

One wrong move for politicians and they get bashed a lot for it online. It would be wrong to write bad things about them on the Internet as they are just doing their jobs. There are times when they would just change their minds of whether or not they would want to lead the country or not. Either way, their job is not easy. One good idea for them would be to bring a dog wherever they would go. It would actually be better to raise the dog from being a puppy. Dogs are such awesome companions that they would be glad wherever you want to take them to. Of course, don’t forget to train them to be inside dog crates since politicians are always on the go. One thing you must never do is to leave your dog at a place for several hours since your pet may get lonely in there. You must bring it with you and if you are too busy preparing for a speech or talking to consultants, better put the dog inside dog crates first. Better check that it would be impossible for your pet to escape first though. After all, you would not want to waste time looking for your dog as the pet may wander off somewhere and that won’t be good when you are at a public place.

One popular reason politicians have big dogs as they see the pet as a form of assurance of their safety. When people would want to take them out, they would change their minds right away when they see big dogs in front of the politicians. In fact, there are several people who have lots of dogs with them and they would not mind having a lot more. It is certainly a way to relieve stress especially when you work long hours as a politician. You would want to stop dealing with people who have nothing else to do in their lives but talk trash about you behind your back though. Those are the types of people who are not worth your time when it would be better to focus on more important stuff like taking good care of your dog. Yes, better make sure that it takes a bath at least once a week and gets the proper exercise. It would be excellent bonding for you and your dog if you run with it every other day wherever there is a jogging path. Of course, better bring the necessary stuff needed to clean up the dog’s poop and pee so that your enemies won’t see that as another way to bash you. Another way politicians can benefit from having a dog is more endorsements. There are a lot of animal lovers out there so you will win the hearts of more people if you have cute dogs going with you wherever you go even if it is a press conference with loads of media people looking to ask a bunch of questions in front of the camera.