Why Politicians Should Play Musical Instruments

Why Politicians Should Play Musical Instruments

Every people is different. From cultures, backgrounds, and the way we are raised, it is different in many ways. But even so, there are things that people do that bond them with others, and that is having the same interests. The things that include under these are hobbies and tastes. Tastes meaning for movies, music, fashion, etc.

Politicians also have their own hobbies and interests. Some might incline into sports, and they mostly do programs involving those. But some would also like movies and books. Then there will be those who love music.

Like any other people, they have different tastes when it comes to music. Some would like softer ballads or classical music. There will be those who like ones with heavier instruments like rock or with heavier beats like house. Because of that, some will tend to have interests in playing instruments. It could be anything that depends on their interest, and it is a great thing for them to be encouraged with.

Why so? Firstly is for their own pleasure. We know that politicians tend to get busy. Their schedules might be full every day from meeting other people whether it is inside or outside of their office. We have no idea when they took their breaks. But whenever it be, they will surely be doing what they enjoy the most and if music is what makes them happy and relaxed, let them be. They could have it at their own home and play and practice during their free time. They could even bring some at their office and do there too as long as it is not distracting for them or others. They can also do some recording that can be done in their own homes. With the right equipment and computer, they can set up a simple recording studio in their own house or even just their bedrooms. This way, they can see if they will need improvements by hearing it or even share it with others.

And that is the second reason why politicians play instruments, and that is for other people. If they have the talent, why not share it? It is mentioned earlier that they could recordings in their homes and with today’s technology, they can easily share it through any social media platform that they have and prefer. If they are invited to functions or shows, they can also perform. This way they will get to share and also have the people be entertained.

Another reason is that music is a form of expression. It is also a way of communicating. This way, they can express their thoughts, be it with the agenda or not, and will be able to communicate with people. They can also use this to reach out to others. Some religions do this and so are other people expressing their feelings for another, they can definitely do this too. It is creative yet functional. With the internet, it is easy for this. Others have already done in different ways and if they have the skill and talent, let them be.