Why Politicians Should Listen To Music

Why Politicians Should Listen To Music

It is said that music is the universal language. The reason for that is because every country, every culture has music and enjoys it. Music has different purposes. It could be for rituals, dances, expressions. etc. Truly, this just means that everyone enjoys music. We may have different tastes and likes when it comes to it, but we all enjoy it the same. That includes the politicians. They may be busy all the time, but that does not mean they do not take a break and have some quiet moments to enjoy simple things. As said before, music has different purposes. Politicians might also have different reasons for listening, and here are some of them:

1. To be entertained

To anyone, this is the reason why they are listening to music. Music is entertainment and is part of the entertainment industry, so it is not really surprising. As said before, politicians tend to get busy and have a full schedule that at times there will be no time for them to do things for their own. Listening to music can be done everywhere though. They could have any audio like an iPod or mP3 or even their phones with their playlists. This way, they can be entertained while waiting or during car rides. It is a great way to spend a short time.

2. To be distracted

With the politicians being busy and full of stress, sometimes they really need a little distraction even just a little bit. Music is a great tool for that. They can just listen to their favorite songs and briefly forget about everything. Even just for a short time, they will not think about the problems, issues, and a lot of work and just let the music drown and take control of them for a while.

3. To be relaxed

Music also relaxes us as we get distracted by it as our minds go elsewhere. Some would tend to choose slower songs and melodies or even classical songs, but it does not really matter. Some would like different like one with heavier sounds and instruments of rock or mainstream pop on the radio or even some songs with languages they do not understand. It depends on one’s taste, and politicians surely have their own too. With the stress and busyness of their work, they deserve to relax once in a while. 

4. To be more knowledgeable

Music is an expression, and many artists today use it to express their emotions, ideologies, and even protests. By listening to some music, politicians will learn more about the issues and struggles of some people. Whether is mainstream or not, it does not matter. It could be a lesson, and there are times that it could also be a warning especially with songs that are protesting in nature. This will give them ideas and solutions on how to reach out to people. Lots of songs have referenced books, movies, and even other songs, and it will be helpful for the politician to learn more about those and that would connect to other people with their interests.