Month: <span>September 2017</span>

Mission Statement

Greetings from the California Republican Assembly! We’re glad you’ve found our website, and we encourage you to read around and become more familiar with our site and what we do. Whether you are a young Republican, or you’ve been part of the family for a lifetime, we hope that you find that there something for you here at

Who We Are

Simply put, we a an assembly of like-minded, politically active citizens. We do the ground work that helps to get things done in this most wonderful country. Laws don’t make and reform themselves. That’s why we’re out here voicing our opinions, spreading our messages, and generally standing up for what’s right. This is a country of free speech and democracy, and that is something that is taken for granted all too often in the modern age. Without the voice and the effort of the people, the government would not represent our population, so we make every effort to stand out and make sure all of our voices are heard.

What We Stand For

We are the modern day Republicans, as we know you are too. We stand for fair treatment of the people. We stand for fair taxation of workers and their families, as well as businesses and corporations. We stand for a strong country and a unified national spirit. Whether you’re a an electrician or an office worker, a small business owner or a manufacturer of a wide variety of home improvement goods, we’re here to represent you. We feel that all voices need to be heard, and that everyone deserves their fair share of what they’ve earned. We don’t want hard work to be rewarded with heavy taxation, just so that the federal government can enjoy their payday. The federal government is in place to serve the people, and it should know it’s place. All too often the hardworking people of this wonderful country are being taken advantage of by politicians who are using their power for their own personal gains. That is just unacceptable, and that’s why we feel we need to get out their and voice our opinions. We hope that you join us and do the same!

How You Can Help Too

By now you may be wondering how you can join in and help yourself. First and foremost, at the most basic level, you can always help by simply becoming politically active in your daily life. Talk to your friends, reach out to your neighbors, make an effort to get people talking and thinking about the important issues of the day. If you’d like to go deeper, become interactive on this site. Immerse yourself in the information and join the conversation to help move towards a more fair and just way of life in our political system. Make sure to get out there and vote, and make sure to encourage the people around you to do the same!