WI, CA Voters Send a Message to Big Government

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By Steven Greenhut
6/8/2012 11:10 PM
Human Events

...Liberals are asking whether Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's overwhelming victory in a failed recall will spur similar "anti-worker" reforms across the country. Republicans are asking whether the Wisconsin vote—including the victory by three out of four Republicans in Wisconsin Senate seats targeted by the unions—spells doom for President Obama's re-election.

Instead of wondering about short-term political implications, we should be asking why it took so long for voters to behave so rationally.

Even in Democratic bastions such as San Jose, the public supported serious efforts to roll back benefit levels even for current employees. San Diego voters not only backed pension reform, but they OK’d a ban on union-only project labor agreements and the reformist mayoral candidate took top place, although he will face a November run-off against a union Democrat...

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