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The California Republican Assembly is a volunteer organization.  Thousands of individuals up and down the state give CRA its strength and influence at the Capitol and in elections.

There are many ways to become involved.

5 Steps to Make a Difference:

Step 1.  Become informed.
Sign up to receive free email updates.  Stay informed about what is going on in Sacramento and in Washington.  Find out what you can do to make a difference.  Sign Up Here

Step 2.  Join the CRA.
There are local CRA units throughout the state.  You can get involved by joining a local unit, or joining CRA as an "At-Large" member.  With any membership, you will receive a subscription to CRA's official publication, the California Republican.  Join Here

Step 3.  Attend a CRA meeting or convention.
Local CRA units hold regular meetings, and the state CRA gathers regularly to hold Board meeting and conventions.  All are open to CRA members to attend.  See Upcoming Meetings Here

Step 4.  Participate in CRA Action.

CRA regularly asks its members to take action on various items of importance.  Whether its calling a state legislator to urge a vote on a particular bill, or writing to advertisers of inappropriate television programming.  CRA members make a difference when they act in unity.

Step 5.  Donate.

Although CRA is a volunteer organization, there are expenses that must be met each month.  In addition, CRA maintains political action committees to help influence elections.  Please considering making a donation to help CRA continue its effective work.  Donate Here

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