Craig Huey vs. the Special Interests

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The statewide battle to prevent a 2/3 Democratic supermajority

Election Day delivered a huge surprise in the race for the 66th Assembly District, as Craig Huey was able to get 38% of the vote, and finished only 1200 votes behind his Democratic opponent Al Muratsuchi, who was the only Democrat on the ballot. As a result, Huey will face Muratsuchi in the November general election.

Nathan Mintz, the only other Republican in the race, took 20% of the vote. Between Craig Huey and Nathan Mintz combined, the overall result was 59% to 41%.

Even in Torrance, where the Democrat Al Muratsuchi is a school board member, Huey prevailed by a vote of 41.1% to 39.9%.

This has sent political shockwaves throughout Sacramento. Muratsuchi was the anointed candidate who had received over $500,000 worth of special interest and union money.

Speaker of the Assembly John Perez has already called every lobbyist he can and is asking them to max out in donations against Mr. Huey. Muratsuchi’s donors include the SEIU, UFCW, California Teachers Association, AFSCME, and dozens of other union organizations.

Politicians throughout California have viewed this as the race to watch, and the media has recognized the importance of this race:

"The stakes are high for the three candidates running a hotly contested primary for the South Bay's new 66th Assembly District.  With no incumbent in the June 5 race and a razor-thin three-point registration advantage for Democrats, political junkies from across the state are closely watching what happens in this so-called swing district.  A win by Torrance Unified school board member Al Muratsuchi could put the Democrats one step closer to winning a supermajority of 54 out of 80 seats in the Assembly, giving them the power to bypass Republicans to approve budgets, tax hikes and urgency bills submitted past deadline." — Daily Breeze

"AD66 could be key to a 2/3 Democratic majority in the legislature and breaking the stranglehold Republican obstructionist minority on our state." — Venice for Change

"California’s new map of legislative districts offers Democrats a historic opportunity to pick up seats in November – and win a two-thirds majority that would make Republicans irrelevant." — BeyondChron

"A two-thirds majority will come down to AD66—that is, to Craig Huey, who did pretty well in the special election against Janice Hahn, although not as well as many DKE/SSP-types feared. That’d be entertaining, if nothing else." — Daily Kos

If Craig Huey loses this election the Democrats will have unlimited power to pass any bill or tax increase that they want. As a result, the number of jobs will decrease, taxes will increase, and businesses will flee the state. 

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all recognize the disaster that a 2/3 Democratic supermajority would bring. Yet, we are 1 or 2 seats away from that happening, and the 66th is a focal point for that possibility in California.

Mr. Huey has a strong organization, and countless volunteers. His donors are individuals, not corporate interests. His supporters have shown that they believe Mr. Huey's message of growing the economy and creating jobs in the private sector, downsizing government, and stopping the state from creating the laws and regulations that reduce private sector job growth.

Mr. Huey has been a small business owner in Torrance for more than 30 years. He has been in the South Bay since elementary school and he knows the district well.

What happens in November in this district is more important to California than the presidential, senate, or any congressional election due to fact that a supermajority is in reach for the Democrats.

Mr. Huey's campaign has been focused on the economy. He has broad popular support in the district and his race is garnering statewide attention. He already has the endorsements of many local leaders, many of whom endorsed his Republican opponent Nathan Mintz, including Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, Ranchos Palos Verdes Councilmember Jerry Duhovic, Ranchos Palos Verdes Councilmember Susan Brooks, Lomita Councilmember Henry Sanchez, Jr., Manhattan Beach Mayor Wayne Powell, Hermosa Beach Councilman Kit Bobko, Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Anthony Misetich, and Redondo City Councilman Matthew Kilroy.

If there's a race to volunteer for, donate to, or watch in California, this is it.

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