CRA Endorsements for the November 6, 2012 Election

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CRA has made the following endorsements for the November 6, 2012 election. 

Proposition # CRA Position Type of Measure Subject
30 No Constitutional Amendment Tax Hike (Jerry Brown)
31 No Constitutional Amendment
& Statute
Two-Year Budget Cycle & Related Governance Changes (California Forward)
32 Yes Statute Mandatory Public-Sector Union Dues: Prohibition "Stop Special Interest Money Now"
33 Neutral Statute Auto Insurance Price Setting: Driver Coverage History
34 No Statute Repeal Death Penalty
35 Yes Statute Human Trafficking: "Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act"
36 No Statute "Three Strikes" Dilution
37 No Statute Genetically-Engineered Foods: Mandatory Labeling
38 No Statute Income Tax Hike: Education (Molly Munger)
39 No Statute Taxes on Multi-State Businesses: Single Sales Factor
40 No Referendum Overturn Citizens Redistricting Commission State Senate Plan (A "No" vote is a vote to overturn the plan.)


US Congress: CD 04 Tom McClintock
CD 05 Randy Loftin
CD 07 Dan Lungren
CD 08 Gregg Imus
CD 25 Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
CD 26 Tony Strickland
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 46 Jerry Hayden
CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 Darrell Issa
CD 50 Duncan D. Hunter
State Senate: SD 01 Ted Gaines
SD 05 Bill Berryhill
SD 21 Steve Knight
SD 27 Todd Zink
SD 29 Robert "Bob" Huff
SD 35 Charlotte A. Svolos
SD 37 Mimi Walters
State Assembly: AD 01 Brian Dahle
AD 03 Dan Logue
AD 04 John Munn
AD 05 Rico Oller
AD 08 Peter Tateishi
AD 09 Antonio "Tony" Amador
AD 11 Mike Hudson
AD 12 Kristin Olsen
AD 12 K. "Jeffrey" Jafri
AD 33 Tim Donnelly
AD 41 Donna Lowe
AD 42 Brian Nestande
AD 43 Greg Krikorian
AD 45 Chris Kolski
AD 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar
AD 55 Curt Hagman
AD 63 Jack M. Guerrero
AD 65 Chris Norby
AD 66 Craig Huey
AD 67 Melissa Melendez
AD 68 Donald P. (Don) Wagner
AD 70 Martha Flores Gibson
AD 71 Brian W. Jones
AD 72 Troy Edgar
AD 73 Diane L. Harkey
AD 74 Allan R. Mansoor
AD 75 Marie Waldron


City of Anaheim
City Council  Brian Neil Chuchua 
Lucille Kring
City of Buena Park
City Council  Baron Night
City of Costa Mesa
City Council Colin McCarthy
Steve Mensinger
Gary Monahan
Measure V  Yes
City of Cypress
City Council Rob Johnson
Bijan Mohseni
City of Dana Point
City Council Carlos N. Olvera
Ed Stevenson
City of Fountain Valley
City Council  Steve A. Nagel
City of Fullerton
City Council  Travis Kiger
Barry Levinson
Bruce Whitaker
City of Garden Grove
Mayor Myke Cossota
City Council  Zack Barrett
Steve Jones 
City of Huntington Beach
City Council  Devin Dwyer 
Erik Peterson
Dave Sullivan
Measure Z  Yes
City of La Palma
City Council Christine Barnes
City of Laguna Hills
City Council Bill Hunt
Raghu P. Mathur
City of Laguna Niguel
City Council Laura A. Davies
Jerry McCloskey
Jerry Slusiewicz
City of Lake Forest
City Council Dwight Robinson
City of Los Alamitos
City Council Dean Grose
Ken Stephens
City of Mission Viejo
City Council Ed Sachs
Cathy Schlict
City of Orange
Mayor Jon Dumitru
City Council  Mike Alvarez
Ray Grangoff
Measure FF  Yes
City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Four-Year Seats  Tony Beall
Carol Gamble
Two-Year Seat Brad McGirr
City of San Clemente
City Council Mike Mortenson
City of San Juan Capistrano
City Council Kim McCarthy
City of Stanton
City Council Al Ethans
City of Tustin
City Council  Allan Bernstein
John Nielsen
Charles E. "Chuck" Puckett
City of Westminster
Mayor Tri Ta
City Council  Tyler Diep
Charlie Nguyen Manh Chi

Anaheim Union High School District
Full Term Thomas "Hoagy" Holguin
Capistrano Unified School District
Trustee Area 2  Jim Reardon
Trustee Area 3  Steve R. Lang
Trustee Area 5  William "Bill" Perkins
Cypress School District
Board Member Alexandria Coronado
Fountain Valley School District
Board Member Jim Cunneen
Jeanne Galindo
Measure N No
Huntington Beach Union High School District
Full Term Edward C. Pinchiff
Ocean View School District
Board Member Debbie Cotton
Orange Unified School District
Trustee Area 3  Alexia L. Deligianni
Trustee Area 6  Mark Wayland


East Orange County Water District
Director Douglass S. Davert
Bill Vanderwerff
Mesa Consolidated Water District
Division 1 Eric Bever
Division 2 James R. Fisler
Division 3 Ethan Temianka
Orange County Water District
Division 2 Denis R. Bilodeau
Division 3 Frank Alonzo


Costa Mesa Sanitary District
Director Don Harper
Jeff R. Mathews
Midway City Sanitary District
Director Joy L. Neugebauer


County Supervisor, District 1 Robert A. Lovingood
City of Colton
City Council District 5 John D. Mitchell
City of Fontana
City Council Matthew Slowik
City of Grand Terrace
City Council Darcy McNaboe
Jackie Mitchell
City of Highland
City Council John P. Timmer
City of Rancho Cucamonga
City Council Marc Steinorth
City of Redlands
City Council Lane Schneider
Don Wallace
City Clerk Sam Irwin
City Treasurer Stephen W. Rogers
City of Rialto
City Council Ed Palmer
City Treasurer Edward J. Carrillo

San Bernardino Community College District
Board Member John G. Wurm
Chaffey Joint Union High School District
Measure P No
Colton Joint Unified School District
Trustee Area 1 Pat Haro
Fontana Unified School District
Board Member Chet Sobotka
Redlands Unified School District
Board Member Ensen Mason
Rialto Unified School District
Board Member Joseph "Joe" W. Martinez


City of La Mesa
City Council  Ruth Sterling
City of Lemon Grove
City Council Matt Mendoza
City of Santee
City Council  Maggie Acerra

Alpine Union School District
Board Member Tim Caruthers
Cajon Valley Union School District
Board Member  Jo Medina-Alegria
Justin Slagle
Grossmont Union High School District
Board Member Jim Stieringer
Gary C. Woods
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
Board Member Bill Baber
Santee School District
Seat 4 Gabriel J. Pina
Sweetwater Union High School District
Seat 2 John Vogel


Grossmont Healthcare District
Board Member Betty Stieringer 
Helix Water District
Division 1 John Linden
Division 3 Chuck Muse
Lakeside Water District
Division 1 Eileen Neumeister
Division 5 Steve Johnson
Mark Vettel
Otay Water District
Division 5 Mark Robak
Padre Dam Municipal Water District
Division 4 Augie Caires
San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District
Director William A. Kiel


San Joaquin County


County Supervisor, District 5

Bob Elliot

Measure D


City of Lathrop

City Council

Brent Maynor

Steve Dresser

City of Lodi

City Council

Doug Kuehne

Jo Anne Mounce


City of Manteca

City Council

Steve DeBrum
Debby Moorhead

City of Ripon

City Council

Charlie Gay
Garry Krebbs





City of Stockton


Anthony Silva

City Council, District 4

Diana Lowery

City Council, District 6

Dale Fritchen

City of Tracy



City Council

Michael Maciel
Charles Manne

City Treasurer

Raymond McCray

Delta Community College District

Trustee Area 2

Elizabeth Blanchard

Escalon Unified School District

Trustee Area 4

Janai Stanton

Lammersville Unified School District

Board Member

Chris Cunningham

Lincoln Unified School District

Board Member

George Conklin
Kathleen Solari

Linden Unified School District


Trustee Area 2

James Rore

Trustee Area 6

Kim Ehlert

Manteca Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

Alison Ordner

Stockton Unified School District

Trustee Area 4

Angel Jimenez



Lathrop-Manteca Fire District


Manuel Medeiros

Mountain House Community Services District


Corey Strock

South San Joaquin Irrigation District


Dale Kuil


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