CRA Endorsements for the June 5, 2012 Election

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The CRA has made endorsements for the June 5, 2012 election for candidates for US Senate (AL RAMIREZ), US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, District Attorney, Superior Court Judge, County Supervisor, and County Board of Education, as well as VOTING NO ON PROPOSITIONS 28 AND 29.


US Congress: CD 01 Sam Aanestad
CD 03 Rick Tubbs
CD 04 Tom McClintock
CD 05 Randy Loftin
CD 07 Dan Lungren
CD 25 Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
CD 26 Tony Strickland
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 28 Jenny Worman
CD 30 Mark Reed
CD 33 Christopher David
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 46 Jerry Hayden
CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 Darrell Issa
.....And last but not least Vote for Chris Mitchum over Mr. Prop 14 Abel Maldonado in CD 24.
State Senate: SD 01 Ted Gaines
SD 03 Gary Clift (write-in)
SD 21 Steve Knight
SD 27 Todd Zink
SD 29 Robert "Bob" Huff
SD 35 Charlotte A. Svolos
SD 37 Mimi Walters
State Assembly: AD 01 Brian Dahle
AD 03 
Dan Logue
AD 04 John Munn
AD 05 Rico Oller
AD 08 Peter Tateishi
AD 11 Mike Hudson

AD 33 Tim Donnelly
AD 41 Donna Lowe
AD 42 
Brian Nestande
AD 43 Greg Krikorian
AD 45 Chris Kolski
AD 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar
AD 55 Curt Hagman
AD 63 Jack M. Guerrero
AD 65 Chris Norby
AD 66 Craig Huey
AD 67 Melissa Melendez
AD 68 Donald P. "Don" Wagner
AD 70 Martha Flores-Gibson
AD 72 Troy Edgar
AD 73 Diane L. Harkey
AD 74 Allan R. Mansoor
AD 75 Marie Waldron
Los Angeles County
District Attorney Alan Jackson
Judge Office # 3 Sean D. Coen
Judge Office # 10 Sanjay T. Kumar
Judge Office # 78 Kenneth R. Hughey
Judge Office # 114 Berj Parseghian
Orange County
Supervisor District 1  Janet Nguyen
Supervisor District 3 Todd Spitzer
Board of Ed. Area 1 Robert Morris Hammond
Board of Ed. Area 3 Ken L. Williams, Jr.
Riverside County
Judge Office # 1 Victoria Cameron
Judge Office # 2 Michael J. Kennedy
Judge Office # 9 John A. Henry
San Bernardino County
Supervisor District 1 Rick Roelle
Supervisor District 3 Neil Derry
Supervisor District 5 John Taack
Solano County
Supervisor District 2 Steve Messina
Statewide Ballot Measures

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