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By Louise Leigh & Fred Davis

Nineteen ninety-two was a presidential election year, as well as an election year for one of California’s two U.S. Senate seats.  Governor Pete Wilson was able to ensure a fair reapportionment due to his non-compromising position, and the CRA commended him for it.

The CRA endorsing convention for U.S. president and other positions was held in Orange County on April 3-5.  Bill Bennett, author and Ronald Reagan’s Drug Czar, was a guest speaker as was Dick Cheney.  President George Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle were defeated by Bill Clinton.

Greg Hardcastle was elected CRA president, 1993-95.  The next CRA endorsing convention was held in April 1994, in Sacramento to endorse for U.S. Senate and all California Constitutional officials.  Pete Wilson was re-elected Governor, and only two other Republicans won statewide office: Chuck Quackenbush (Insurance Commissioner) and Bill Jones (Secretary of State).

Jon Fleischman was elected CRA president, 1995-97.  He was later to become the Executive Director for the California Republican Party.

Governor Pete Wilson became the California state chairman for the Bob Dole campaign for president.  As the Dole campaign faltered in California, CRA endorsed Pat Buchanan for president.  Candidate Dole selected Jack Kemp as his vice presidential running mate, but nothing seemed to give the campaign the momentum needed to win.  The Clinton-Gore ticket was re-elected.  However Republicans won control of Congress for the first time in many years.

The so-called suicide of Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster became public, and critical questions arose.  Confusion and cover-up ensued.

New CRA President, John Courtney, was elected in April in Ontario, CA, for the 1997-99 term.  Outgoing CRA President, Jon Fleischman, presented the Ronald Reagan Freedom Fighter Award to convention speakers Senator John Ashcroft of Missouri, Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee, Dr. Pat Robertson, Steve Forbes, and Governor George Bush, Jr., of Texas.

By 1997, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies has expanded to include Virginia RA, Minnesota RA, Nevada RA, and Colorado RA.  By the end of 1997, 40 states expected to belong to the NFRA.  Past CRA President, Steve Frank, became president of NFRA. 

In February of 1997 at the California Republican Party Convention, CRA members were predominately elected.  Many liberal and moderate Republicans present called it a “CRA takeover.”

The CRA Convention, held in Ontario, overwhelmingly endorsed the “English for the Children” and the “Parental Consent” initiatives being prepared for the 1998 election.  In July of 1997, the CRA had one of its most enjoyable meetings in the beautiful surroundings of Mammoth.  Most members brought their families.

1998 was an election year for California legislators and congress.  The CRA endorsed Attorney General Dan Lungren for Governor, Senator Richard Mountjoy for Lt. Governor, and Darrell Issa for U.S. Senate.  All lost their elections.  Democrat Gray Davis was elected Governor.

At the April 1999 CRA meeting, presidential candidates courted the CRA hoping to receive its endorsement.   Those who spoke were Senator Bob Smith, Steve Forbes, Pat Buchanan, Gary Bauer, and Alan Keyes (George Bush, Jr. and Elizabeth Dole were the only candidates not present).  Sergio Picchio was elected CRA president 1999-2001 by acclamation.

The CRA endorsing convention for president took place on November 12-14, 1999 in Ontario.  The CRA endorsed Gary Bauer for president. 

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies held its first-ever presidential endorsing convention in April of 1999 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Steve Forbes, though not receiving the 2/3 vote required for endorsement came close and was clearly the favorite.

On October 4, 1999, Governor Davis signed into law a bill authorizing production of “Ronald Regan license plate,” as a tribute to the former president.

In April of 2000, CRA celebrated its 65th Anniversary from its 1935 date of incorporation.  The convention took place in Napa, the second greatest tourist attraction in California.  Assemblyman Tony Strickland, former California Supreme Court Justice William Clark and John Gizzi, political editor for Human Events, were the speakers.

With CRA’s excellent leadership in the political arena, the conservative movement, which has expanded across America, bodes a bright future for CRA and the NFRA.

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